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Price is not the only factor when your customer chooses where to make their purchases online, customer service is actually highest on their priority list, use our live chat software to help your customers have a pleasant shopping experience, and let them know that there will be people available to support them.

Having live chat software will increase conversions for your internet business, this allows customers who are having problems to immediately be able to solve those problems, instead of leaving your site completely. Our live chat software is crucial for e- commerce!

With the ability to talk to your customers when they are deciding whether or not to make a purchase, you will be able to turn a larger profit from increased sales because of Pffchat.

Service providers

Because many people will need some sort of assistance when doing something online, using Pffchat will deliver much better results because you now have the ability to talk your customer through the problem instead of swapping dozens of emails which takes up you, and your customer’s time.

Let your customers experience the best live chat software out there, your customers will thank you, and your bottom line will increase greatly.


While many websites offer services, you can stand out by allowing potential customers to chat with you or your team about the services, how it can help them, what they need to do in order to purchase, almost any problem can be solved quickly if you talk one and one with our live chat software.

With Pffchat, you can keep track of where your customers are going on your website, find out what interests them the most, then re-position your products or services to enhance the sales potential of that item. Our live chat software also lets you provide a sales pitch customized completely for your individual customers.

Pffchat users

Pffchat is an easy to use and powerful piece of live chat software that can have all sorts of benefits for your business website.

Security is one of the top concerns for any website, and Pffchat is one of the best pieces of live chat software available due to the fact that all chats are encrypted and not viewable to anyone else except yourself and your customer.

Moreover, from the very beginning we emphasized that security of conversations and stored data are most important for us (you are chatting in encrypted protocol https: / / supported by reliable certificate from GeoTrust Premium SSL). That is why you can trust and rely on a professional live chat software – Pffchat.